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55% Microsoft Word - Cover with signature page.doc
... October 1, 2012. This transmittal and manual are available on the Intranet through SPARK at and on the Internet at Significant changes to the manual are as follows: Page(s) Changed Significant ... 10/02/12, 191502 bytes
55% April 30, 2003
... be accessed through SPARK at: or at Instructions accompany forms. VDSS Local Agency Intranet Energy Assistance Forms FORM NAME FORM NUMBER ... 12/11/14, 378320 bytes
22VAC 40-185 Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers Page 1 of 67 Technical Assistance Virginia Department of Social Services Commonwealth of Virginia Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers 22VAC40-185 (Formerly 22VAC15-30) Amended By The State Board of Social Services August 16, 2012 Effective ... 01/17/13, 524648 bytes
55% [locality_data.pdf]
... ¬ spending¬ at¬ the¬ local¬ level¬ are¬ available¬ in¬ annual¬ summary¬ reports¬ at¬¬  ‚ÄĘ Locality‚Äźspecific¬ statistics¬ about¬ vital¬ events¬ (marriage,¬ divorce,¬ live¬ births,¬ non‚Äźmarital¬  births),¬ demographics¬ (e.g.,¬ education ... 07/03/13, 184510 bytes
55% [gudiance_2_13.pdf]
Virginia Department of Social Services February 2013 Child and Family Services Manual D. Resource Families VDSS Division of Family Services D Resource Families 1 LOCAL DEPARTMENT RESOURCE, FOSTER, AND ADOPTIVE FAMILY HOME APPROVAL GUIDANCE TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Framework 1.2.1 Practice ... 11/06/13, 366862 bytes
55% fact Sheet #30
... application be mailed to you, or you can download an application from the Internet at:, so that you can complete it and mail it to the local department of social services. You do not need to visit the office to file an application. If ... 02/05/13, 14086 bytes
55% Microsoft Word - d032-03-0827-07-eng.doc
... from the d032-03-0827-07 (07/11)-eng Virginia Department of Social Services web site at Real Property Exclusions For: ABD Individuals with Income Less Than or Equal To 80% of the Federal Poverty Level, Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries ... 08/23/11, 14170 bytes
55% [Crisis_Assistance_final_2014.pdf]
... for services or apply online at For more information on the EAP visit # # # 02/10/14, 164162 bytes
55% [reminder_announcing_new_mat_diabetes_and_emergency_rectal_medication_admin_courses.pdf]
... /mat/index.php/findMATTrainer, and/or by finding scheduled classes on the TIPS calendar at: Please contact MHP should you require further assistance finding a class. Registration information for the in-classroom diabetes class: · Check the ... 07/25/13, 181235 bytes
55% [revisions_to_gp_.pdf]
... for Licensure regulation may be found on the DSS public website at Please carefully review 22 VAC 40-80-20 and 22 VAC 40-80-160 so that you are knowledgeable of the updated provisions of the regulation. If you have ... 07/12/13, 118938 bytes

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