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COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA Virginia Department of Social Services ENTRUSTMENT AGREEMENT FOR PERMANENT SURRENDER OF A CHILD (COMPLETE ONE DOCUMENT FOR EACH PARENT) This Entrustment Agreement for Permanent Surrender of a Child, (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is entered into this_____ ... 05/06/10, 18053 bytes
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... removal court order states that continuation in home is contrary to child's welfare or removal is in child's best interests; OR Valid permanent entrustment agreement relinquishing child to CPA signed by all legal parents and notarized; AND for both situations above: Court order(s) terminating parental ... 08/19/13, 257536 bytes
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...        b.  Signed and Dated by all Required Parties? YES                   NO IF NO STOP & GO TO E Permanent Entrustment Temporary Entrustment Non Custodial Agreement Copy of Court Order in Record YES                   NO IF NO STOP ... 10/03/12, 140581 bytes
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... not return home For child not in CPA custody: evidence child is legally free For child in CPA custody: Initial court removal order or permanent entrustment agreement; and Court order terminating parental rights for all parents Child's special needs Statement(s) from qualified professional(s) Relevant ... 07/22/13, 69632 bytes
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... or his designee of a public school in the U. S. that a certified copy of the child’s birth record was previously presented or copy of the entrustment agreement conferring temporary legal custody of a child to an independent foster parent. Viewing the child’s proof of identity is not necessary when ... 06/19/12, 117902 bytes
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... .1 All individuals whose rights shall be terminated 9.5.2 How parental rights are terminated 9.5.3 Voluntary methods of termination Permanent Entrustment Agreement Parental Petition for Relief of Care and Custody 9.5.4 Involuntary termination of parental rights Grounds for termination ... 04/29/13, 252343 bytes
49% [section_3_entering_foster_care.pdf]
... 3.6.1 Court hearings Emergency removal hearing Preliminary removal hearing Dispositional hearing 3.6.2 Temporary entrustment agreement Entrustments for less than 90 days Court hearings to approve entrustments for more than 90 days 3.6.3 Permanent entrustment agreement ... 04/29/13, 140920 bytes
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Virginia Department of Social Services October 2013 Child and Family Services Manual F. Adoption VDSS Division of Family Services 2 Adoption Assistance 2 ADOPTION ASSISTANCE TABLE OF CONTENTS 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Framework 2.2.1 Practice principles 2.2.2 Legal excerpts Applicable Child 2.2 ... 09/15/13, 847524 bytes
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Virginia Department of Social Services April 2013 Child and Family Services Manual E. Foster Care VDSS Division of Family Services 12 Developing Service Plan 12 DEVELOPING SERVICE PLAN TABLE OF CONTENTS 12.1 Introduction 12.2 Framework 12.2.1 Practice principles 12.2.2 Legal excerpts 12.3 Engaging ... 04/29/13, 125513 bytes

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